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First time home buyer in NH from Merrimack MortgageThe weather outside may be frightful, but the home buying market can be delightful. Many factors such as lower prices, extended time, and less competition make the lull of winter the perfect opportunity for the first time home buyer in NH. Here are some of the advantages of buying a home in the winter that you may want to consider.

Less Competition

Spring and summer are the peak seasons for both home buying and selling, making all aspects of the process harder to come by. Realtors are busier, more people are looking to buy, and there are many more homes for you to consider and tour. Winter may bring a smaller pool of homes to choose from, but with that comes far less competition for buying. You'll be able to take your time looking and deciding on the home that's right for you, as opposed to peak seasons where time is of the essence for closing a deal.

Price Negotiation

A fewer pool of buyers also means that winter is the season for motivated sellers. This can mean a better deal and bigger room for negotiation for the first time buyer in NH. Winter is the time to inquire about added incentives included in the price, such as that pool table in the den or the set of living room furniture. These types of deals and negotiations are harder to obtain during peak selling season, where more buyers are on the market as well.

Home Care & Maintenance

The trees may be bare and the lawn may be covered in snow, but winter is a great time to test how well a home operates during the colder months. Do the windows feel drafty? Does the house feel warm? Are there any leaks or signs of water damage? These are key details that you may miss when looking during the warmer months. You'll also be able to inspect the neighborhood and streets for safety and maintenance. Were the roads plowed, or were they icy?  Is the driveway steep? Are the neighboring homes decorated for the holidays? Curb appeal may be dim, but costly repairs such as furnaces or hot water heaters can be spotted or avoided more easily during the winter season.

For more information for the first time home buyer in NH, call Merrimack Mortgage at 1-800-877-8686.

How Deep Are Your Pockets?

Oct 28
Category | General

Tips for the first time home buyer

First time home buyer in MA from Merrimack MortgageBeing a first time home buyer is an exciting new adventure for you and anyone else involved, but you must be weary of where you are putting your money and how much you will need in the long run. Here is a few helpful hints to insure that buying your first home will not empty your pockets and drive you into debt.

  • Getting approved for a mortgage loan: This is the first step in your process to buying a home and it is crucial that this is your first step. You do not want to go house hunting and get denied a loan for any reason and you want to make sure you have a budget to work off of when looking as well.
  • Other Monetary Commitments: When buying a house, remember there are other fees you have to worry about such as property insurance and taxes, homeowners association dues, maintenance fees and higher electric and gas bills. And even if you plan accordingly and can make it but, know that property insurance and taxes can go up yearly, so even if you can afford the house, do not overlook these payments.
  • Leave it to the professionals: As a first time home buyer, you should have a well qualified real estate agent, a good loan officer or broker and possibly a lawyer. Do not try to do all these jobs on your own and make sure to get reputable people with on the mark references. They are the professionals, so let them do what they do as a living and it will take the stress of of you and you will know the job is being done right

The process of being a first time home buyer can be difficult, but if you stick to these small guidelines, it can be a whole lot easier than you think.

If you are in need of mortgage assistance, contact Merrimack Mortgage Company online or by calling toll free at 1-800-877-8686

Welcome Ed

Oct 20
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Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc is excited to announce a new member of the leadership team. Ed Buczynski has taken on the Marketing Director's role with responsibilities throughout New England. In the past, he has owned and operated Large Real Estate firms with over $38,000,000 in annual sales,been a senior international business consultant for the Realogy Corporation, and recently been a leader in mergers and acquisitions throughout New England. During the last 25 years, Ed has helped acquire over 60 real estate firms, managed commercial, residential, relocation, in-house mortgage partnerships, in-house title operations, while training and developing sales people and business leaders

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